Auto Crane Launches 12006H Series Service Crane

July 11, 2013

Auto Crane, a subsidiary and premier brand of Ramsey Industries, announced today that it is now offering the new 12006H Series Service Crane. This addition to their service crane line provides a lifting capacity of 12,000 lbs and a vertical reach of 38 ft when mounted on an Auto Crane Titan 70 service body. The 12006H is available with the patented NexStar™ Crane Management System, giving operators total control over their load while enhancing safety and productivity. With its superior vertical reach and unmatched crane control system, the Auto Crane 12006H is ideally suited to meet the demands of heavy equipment service.

Auto Crane designs and manufactures service cranes that provide up to seven tons of lifting capacity. Our robust Titan™ series of heavy-duty crane bodies deliver the performance and rugged durability required in remote locations and punishing weather conditions. Auto Crane also offers a full complement of accessories, including single-side pack units for welding applications, air compressors, lube skids and more to create unparalleled value for construction industry.

Auto Crane pioneered its original NexStar system in 2010 for its large hydraulic cranes, introducing advanced control technology to construction, mining, utility and municipal markets around the world. NexStar-equipped cranes are the only cranes in their class with load monitoring and load limiting controls, and a visual signal -- vital capabilities when safety is paramount.

Available in tethered remote or the fully featured wireless FM remote, NexStar's multi-speed control enables operators to proportionally operate the crane with 100 percent power at four speed settings -- simultaneously and fully independently. This gives operators the ability to make adjustments on-the-fly for each function to a different speed, giving them total control over their load. What's more, NexStar offers single-hand operation, so what used to be a two-man task to position a load while operating the crane may be performed by one person. Auto Crane's NexStar technology is available as a fully featured wireless remote system with the option to include an additional transmitter with cable for tethered operation. The 12-button NexStarII multi-speed system is comprised of a transmitter, receiver and hydraulic valve bank. It also features truck level and boom angle sensors, a status indicator light, and an LCD diagnostics display with plain text readouts.

The 12006H Series Service Crane is available with NexStarI, NexStarII or hardwired control systems.

About Ramsey Industries

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ramsey Industries is comprised of three wholly owned subsidiaries that include Auto Crane, Eskridge and Ramsey Winch. Auto Crane manufactures a comprehensive line of truck-mounted telescopic and articulating cranes, crane service bodies and accessories. Eskridge is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of planetary gear drives, digger drives and multiple-disc brakes. Ramsey Winch offers a broad range of industrial and consumer winches. Products are sold through a network of truck equipment dealers and OEMS to a diverse group of end-use markets, including non-residential, oil and gas, utility, mining, construction, and municipal. Learn more at, and