Auto Crane Showcases 55 Years of Invention and Innovation at 2013 ICUEE Show

August 12, 2013

Attendees at the 2013 International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) can experience the earliest days of the service crane industry and the latest in field service crane technology in one stop at the Auto Crane exhibit, booth number 1834. Auto Crane's booth features one of the earliest field service cranes plus their latest offering, the 12006H Series Service Crane. The booth graphics and exhibit graphics will show the story of Auto Crane -- which is also the story of the service crane industry -- from 1958 until today.

In 1958, when entrepreneurs Claire Simmons and Carl White designed a small crane that could literally fit in the trunk of an automobile, they immediately solved a back-breaking problem experienced by oil-field service technicians who previously had no other means to hoist heavy drill bits but on their backs. Inventing a crane that was easily transportable introduced the concept of mobile service to lift and repair heavy equipment on site.

Auto Crane's first client was Hughes Tools, headed by none other than billionaire Howard Hughes. In the rich Texas oil fields, Auto Crane service cranes were put to work and quickly became a staple of the oil production industry. With mobile crane service now a reality, drilling operations no longer experienced expensive downtime waiting for off-site repairs, and service technicians could repair equipment faster and safer without the manual labor of lifting heavy drilling components.

"Looking back, Auto Crane truly revolutionized the way service work was being done at the time," said John Celoni, president and chief executive officer of Ramsey Industries, Inc. "If you think about it, we essentially brought the workshop to the site where techs were then able to work on the equipment right then and there, eliminating the downtime and cost associated with transporting the equipment to an off-site repair shop."

From that first service crane to their latest offering, the 12006H Series, Auto Crane consistently delivers innovations that drive the industry forward. The newest addition to their hydraulic service crane line provides a lifting capacity of 12,000 lbs and a vertical reach of 38 ft when mounted on an Auto Crane Titan 70 service body. The 12006H with the patented NexStar™ Crane Management System gives operators total control over their load while enhancing safety and productivity. With its superior vertical reach and unmatched crane control system, the Auto Crane 12006H is ideally suited to meet the demands of heavy equipment service.

"Throughout the years, Auto Crane has always taken the approach that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and we've proven that with our NexStar System," Celoni says. "NexStar truly eliminates the guesswork by operators that once came with figuring out what could and could not be lifted due to the weight of the load, the angle of their boom, or the angle of their chassis."

After 55 years, Auto Crane continues to lead the service crane and mobile service industries through safety-focused innovation and an entrepreneurial drive to solve problems. "We are passionate about the safety and productivity of the people who use our products on a daily basis," says Kris Cleveland, Auto Crane's director of sales and marketing. "As we look back at the origins of Auto Crane and all of the industry firsts that define us, we are thrilled to see our products at work now around the world."

About Ramsey Industries

Headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., Ramsey Industries is comprised of three wholly owned subsidiaries that include Auto Crane, Eskridge and Ramsey Winch. Auto Crane designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of truck-mounted electric and hydraulic cranes, crane service bodies, crane control technologies, accessories, and mobile solutions for the energy, mining, construction, industrial, forestry and railroad industries. Eskridge is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of planetary gear drives and anchor drives, digger drives, and multiple-disc brakes. Ramsey Winch designs and manufactures industry-leading industrial and consumer winches for use in towing and recovery, industrial, petroleum, off-road and ATV vehicles. For more information, visit us at, and