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May 2023 is the most current price lists available.

Auto Crane reserves the right to update price lists without notice with the exception of current quotations with alternate pricing effectivity.

Revision Highlights:

  • 2023-May-08:  Reference the information bulletin below regarding AC Transmitter Receiver Announcement.
  • 2023-May-01:  Reference the price increase announcement and new price list below.
  • 2022-Oct-04:  Reference the price increase announcement and new price list below.
  • 2022-Jan-07:  Reference the price increase announcement and new price list below.
  • 2021-Nov-04: Corrected descriptions of large hydraulic cranes
  • 2021-Oct-18: Updated bumper and air receiver pricing
  • 2021-Oct-01: Reference the price increase announcement and new price list below. New patent-pending sealed air hose guide, Miller EnPak A60GBHW, A60GBH and A60GB models, Vanair RS85-L model, Titan 60 outrigger with single slide and kick-out leg (560570101) and 30″ bumper with larger storage (560570103), added underbody lighting, added NexStar 4 Bluetooth dongle.
  • 2021-Mar-01: Reference the price increase announcement, added NexStar 4 cranes and removed NexStar 3 cranes, added remote reminder chime kit to the crane accessories, added single-slide 60K outrigger and bumper to Titan 60 accessories, increased the price of the Titan 50 outriggers and certain bumpers, changed pricing of the install back-up camera for the Chevy/International, added body mount kits for 2021 F-550 and F-600 diesel chassis, added Titan Trax for the Titan 16 84CA front tall and Pro 35 compressor, added personal fall protection to crane accessories. The Titan 50 to 85 bodies now reference the Body-to-Axle (BA) measurement since the Cab-to-Axle (CA) varies based on the Class 6 and 7 chassis configurations.
  • 2020-Sep-07: Added EnPak A30GBW gas (739188099, changed pricing on install air compressor, FLR, and hose roller guides, added 3/4″ roller (760629011), added single 10-gallon in-frame install (475400011), added Titan 38 58″/52″ “heavy duty” body with wheel chocks (739317000), added full-length compartment lights, clarified Titan Armor in lieu of paint, changed boom support to 560195015 with pricing, added mid toolbox (715160108) to Titan 16, added hyperlinks to the website for featured accessories.
  • 2020-Apr-30: Removed 739167000 (round terminal trailer plug), changed flood light 475300037 to 475300034, added Chevy hose kit 367223300 to Titan 38 accessories, removed 738498000 (23 gallon reservoir), changed prices on 750679000 (install HC crane) and 360870000 (install EHC-5/6 crane), added Install Chassis Supplied Back-Up Camera, added (Ford and RAM) to Light Bars and Headache Racks, changed 560535002 to 760537001 (mid compartment shelves on 120CA bodies), added single boom tip light kits in crane accessories, and changed price of 716851001 (install large body).
  • 2020-Jan-02: Items that are welded have the installation included with the new or existing part number (e.g. oxy/acet assemblies, drop wells, complete shelving packages, most receiver hitches, etc.). Added Titan Trax, personnel basket, Titan Armor, outriggers and bumpers with remote-mounted valve banks, install for hydraulic components, install for relay boxes and control panels, Chevy accessories (e.g. fuel cut-out, hose kit, and mounting kit), Titan 50 propane body. Install prices adjusted based on cost changes.
  • 2018-Sep-14: Effective September 19, 2018, an 8% price increase to all future orders. This will be on all quotes moving forward and will appear on any order shipping on (or after) January 2, 2019. See the price increase notification for more details.
  • 2018-Jun-01: The RS60 compressor is no longer available, lower price on custom Vanair RS85 with added cooling, higher Miller blue welder pricing due to factory price increase
  • 2018-Jan-20: Updated Titan 60 14′ 58″ tall body (P/N 560620006) price
  • 2018-Jan-10: Miller Electric products such as the EnPak and welder pricing was updated based on their price increase.

Prices: All prices in US dollars (USD). All prices are EX-WORKS – Tulsa, OK. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. All list prices are “not installed” unless noted otherwise.

Installation: Factory installed prices are based upon Auto Crane “standard” placement of certain options. Special configurations are available and will be quoted at additional cost.

Cancellation: Orders cancelled within 60 days prior to the scheduled ship date will be subject to a 25% restocking charge. Cancellation of orders for other than standard units will be subject to cancellation charges if received less than 90 days prior to scheduled ship date. There will be a 100% cancellation charge for any non-standard products which have been ordered or produced by Auto Crane to satisfy an order.

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